Earthly Delights: A Sneak Peek with Dan Howarth

Earthly Delights’ is the next show to grace the walls of the Norman Rea Gallery. It will preview on Monday 19th February with a substantial and varied array of art inspired by the complexity of human love, lust, and desire. In this interview, we hope to gain a little more insight into the work of one of the featured artists, Dan Howarth.

So Dan, where were these photographs taken?

‘The photos were predominantly taken across Scotland’s barren Hebridean islands, although some are from Brighton and Wales, where I travelled over Summer.’

All the photographs are shot on film; do you have a particular regard for film photography?

‘Yes - the majority were shot on my Leica R4, giving them that analogue, grainy look. I love shooting film because of the anticipation. In a world where we expect instant gratification, shooting film sometimes makes you wait weeks before you can see the end result.’

How would you say this series explore love or intimacy?

‘I take pictures of things that are close to my heart, therefore you could say this series is a sort of direct glimpse into my perception of the world. It presents two different types of love: my love for another person and my love for the Scottish countryside, which were in many ways connected. We had both wanted to go and explore the Hebrides for so long. It was a carefree adventure, enjoying a shared love for nature and this barren landscape. My grandparents lived in Scotland for a long time, and for the first 16 years of my life my siblings and I greatly looked forward to our visits there. It was another home and is still a place I cherish in my heart.’

The idea of your childhood travels paralleling those in your adulthood is interesting. Could you elaborate on that?

‘I think there are definite parallels between my recent travels and my travels as a child. Having just finished university, I embarked on a summer full of new experiences, feeling utterly carefree. This is so similar to childhood, that sense of freedom with no obligations; I think that is one of the key reasons I loved Scotland so much as a child. My grandparents’ home was a safe haven. The only difference this time was that I was in the driving seat, choosing where to go, and packing up the tent.’


‘Earthly Delights’ is on display at Norman Rea Gallery from 19.01.18 – 02.03.18

Tascha von Uxkeull

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