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Hello, and Goodbye from Matilda ...

Earlier this week, committee elections took place at the Norman Rea Gallery, marking the end of the 2018/2019 Committee, and my role as Head of Blog! This past year has been really amazing, and through the NRG I've met so many kind and talented people, and been a part of exciting exhibitions.

This blog has been a unique chance for me to visually, creatively and linguistically express myself, and I'm very proud of what it has evolved into. I'd firstly like to thank my blog team (Abhilasha Sharma, Miya Treadwell, Kirsten O'Connor, Anna Hadley and Liz Potter) for their help and support with their amazing articles. They are all SUCH talented writers, and I definitely couldn't have done it without them! Secondly, to the Director and Vice Director of the NRG, Grace Frazer and Jess Jenkinson, who both contributed articles to the blog, and allowed me to interview (and re-interview) them on several occasions. Thank you also to Pearlin Guillon, who helped me to regenerate the blog platform, link it to the NRG website, as well as promoting each and every article to our social media pages (which is not a small job...!) And, last but not least... thank you to people who have read and followed this blog. It means a lot. As I hope you can tell, I'm really passionate about writing and (especially) about this blog. I'm so glad that we've been able to use the platform to help promote the work of the NRG to a wider audience, and I'm looking forward to see where the newest Head of Blog takes it to! Here is an introduction, and message from Rosie Day:

'Hi! I'm Rosie, a first year TWDP student here at York and newly appointed Head of Blog for the Norman Rea gallery. I am so excited by this opportunity to apply my passion for creative writing and journalism through this blog to benefit the gallery, students of York and the local community, by creating accessible pieces of writing. They will be on a range of subjects, written in an exploratory and approachable way. If you would like to contact me, please send me an email at Thank you so much for reading this.'

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