Paris, A Photo Essay

"Paris is couture. Couture is Paris."

As part of my study of fashion and clothing cultures, my 'Interwoven' module group took a (nearly) all expenses paid trip to the city of lights. We spent 4 days dashing between the Musée d'Orsay, the Louvre, the Palais Galliera and Les Arts Décoratifs, with the aim of broadening our understanding of Paris as the home of couture. Whilst I adored seeing the texts we read in seminars coming to life around us in the form of elaborately decorated shopping arcades and endless glass cases of dresses and shoes, it was difficult not to fall head over heels for the city itself. I traveled armed with a 32 frame roll of film in my Canon EOS 1000F, and hopefully, managed to capture a glimpse of what we got to experience on our rambles through the streets of Paris. Not only is Paris couture - it is stunning architecture; fantastic desserts; all the art you could ever dream of; and the ideal backdrop for fluffy coats...

These photos were taken during a third year History of Art module trip for 'Interwoven: Fashion and Clothing Culture' (University of York)

Emma Blackburn

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