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NRG Opening Night Fashion: UP NORTH

Sadly, we cannot be in the gallery right now. We thought it would be fun to go through some tagged photos on our socials and grab the details of some outfits that stood out at our most recent exhibition: UP NORTH.

Opening nights for exhibitions - those traditional Monday nights above Courtyard - are a huge deal in the Norman Rea Gallery, with hundreds of people attending. The free drinks upon entry and the live music are a huge draw, with people often really bringing their all outfit-wise.

Phoebe Dawson-Watts - Third Year, History and History of Art

I am wearing my favourite red suit! The top and trousers are from Zara and the jacket is from a vintage shop! I think red in general is a very flattering colour on anyone, so I love the colour. I enjoy wearing statement items but also the shoulder pads! I have many items with a shoulder pad.

I chose this particular outfit because I feel it was appropriate for the event, smart-casual! The openings are always a great opportunity to get a little bit dressed up and express yourself.

Ryan Thomas - Third year, BSc Molecular Cell Biology

I'm wearing my 1/4 zip craghoppers fleece I bought for £3 from a charity shop near Sheffield Uni. I try to buy clothes from charity shops when I can, as I save money and also donate to a good cause. I try to reduce the amount of fast fashion I need to buy, because as a biology student I am very conscious of the negative environmental impacts fast fashion has; consumers have purchasing power over such companies and can cause change. I am also wearing my khaki green baseball cap, I wear a lot of caps because I suit them. My black puffer coat is the love of my life, I got it on sale from Urban outfitters a couple months ago for £20 instead of £99. Most importantly I am wearing my glasses to actually see the beautifully curated NRG exhibition.

Isabella George - Third year, English Literature

I’m wearing a midi length polka dot tie strap dress with bust detailing and a kick flare hem. It’s from a brand called ‘only’ which sells on ASOS, and I went for it because I was after something quite dressy, and also because it was a bit of a bargain (£10!!!!). I guess my inspiration was a lot to do with the other members of the team who are all such fantastic dressers, so I knew I had to come up with something a little more special than usual.

I chose this outfit largely because I wanted something special as this was my first gallery opening, but also because I think it reflected the theme of youth and young energy. I styled it with trainers because I’m just a sucker for a dress-sneakers combo, and I also wanted to add the tiniest bit more edge to the look.

I wanted to make sure I kept with the sort of young and feminine theme with my makeup, so I went for a lighter look with a cat eye and curls. I think my main motivation for the whole look was something light and fun, but also something that moved well and photographed well.


Do you know anyone with stand-out opening night outfits you want to be in the next installment? Contact All photography credit goes to Joseph Pike and our resident photographer, Liuka Jonynaitė.

Written by Senah Tuma

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