A Show of Mythic Proportions

Sunday night saw the opening of the new exhibition ‘Myths’ at the Norman Rea Gallery, which explored the idea of myths through a diverse range of mediums, from digital projections to decorative pieces. The exhibition featured work by local artists, as well as students from the University of York, displaying an eclectic mix of what myth means to the individual.

The adaptability of the theme was a success, enabling a vast range of individual interpretations of myths, from traditional fairytales, to reflections on social and political issues. This made for an incredibly engaging experience, allowing the viewer to decipher the meanings and ideas behind each piece. Furthermore, viewers were encouraged to record their personal interpretations, expressing these through an interactive piece at the exhibition’s conclusion. Alongside the live music, this gave the opening night a participatory vibe and a lively atmosphere.

One of the pieces near the entrance of the exhibition was the collection of ‘Kooky Creature’ illustrations by Indiana Tatman. These vibrant prints perfectly introduced the idea of myths to the viewer, merging exotic creatures and British wildlife. Through ‘Kooky Creatures,’ Tatman brings her personal interpretations of myth to the public, creating decorative prints and postcards for interiors. These were complemented by other drawings of wildlife and nature by artists such as Sophie Sharpe.

Another highlight was the painting ‘Through my Eyes’ by Mary Davies. The stark contrast to the ‘Kooky Creatures’ series, perfectly captures the intentions of personal interpretations and the diversity of meaning behind the concept of ‘Myths’. Davies focuses on deeper, more challenging ideas of myth, exploring the disparity between illusion and reality. Her expressive use of acrylic creates this distorted concept, blurring the features of the face in her large scale painting.

Overall, ‘Myths’ proved to be a wholly interactive and stimulating experience, opening the idea of myths not only through the art on display but through the discussions and interpretations created by the curation and opening night.

'Myths' is on display at the Norman Rea Gallery until Sunday 11th June.

Emma Healey

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